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Dear applicants,


After the aptitude test is before the aptitude test!


We are now accepting applications for the coming summer semester (start of training May 1, 2023) up to and including February 10, 2023. The exam consists of two rounds (1st round: individual exam, 2nd round: applicant workshop). The dates for the exams are in the 2nd-4th week of February.


If you would like to register for our aptitude test, you can do so now. To do this, please fill out the form further down on this page. You will then receive confirmation of receipt from us with further information. We will also contact you personally a short time later.


The exam consists of 2 rounds:  individual exam and an applicant workshop.


Round 1: individual tests

You will be invited to develop 2 monologues (1x classic, 1x modern) and a song of your choice (no English pop songs, please, but something that you can work with as an actor!) and to play them in front of a panel of lecturers.

This is also a work sample. The monologues and songs are “worked on”. It's all about imagination and flexibility. We want to see how receptive you are.

The first round of exams will take place over two weeks in February: 6-16 February 2023.

Individual appointments will be arranged with you.

If you have successfully passed the first round, you come to the second round.


Round 2: applicant workshop and ensemble work

You have the opportunity to get a taste of individual subjects. There are movement and music lessons where you get to know each other. First ensemble exercises take place, in which a feeling for the group is built up. 

The applicant workshop will take place on February 24, 2023 at 10 a.m. in the rooms of the Berlin School of Drama.

After the workshop, the artistic direction will consult with the lecturers and individual discussions will be held with you.

Successful completion of the first and second round is a prerequisite for admission to our drama school. We wish you every success!



Attention: Since we are currently having repeated problems with the form, please also send applications including attachments by e-mail to “”!


Please note that an examination fee of 90 euros must be paid.  Please add a receipt for the transfer to the form.

Transfer of the examination fee to account: Berlin School for Drama at the Bank for Social Economy, IBAN DE21 1002 0500 0001 2245 01, BIC BFSWDE33BER.

Anker Bewerbung

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