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SBW Berlin

SBW Berlin supports educational projects all over the world

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SBW Berlin and internationally

SBW Berlin supports educational projects all over the world and, as part of its scholarship program, enables young, socially committed talents from abroad to complete their studies in Germany. The scholarship holders then use the knowledge they have acquired to support charitable projects, primarily in their countries of origin.

Acting training for stage and film with SBW

The reason for our cooperation is the theater project “Between the chairs”. One of the grantees of SBW Berlin  has been studying acting with us since July 2019. After fleeing Syria, he discovered his love for writing and theater in Germany. In 2016 he staged his first play on his own. His second work Between the Chairs was selected by the school management as a school project and will be premiered on our studio stage in December 2020, directed by Karin Mikityla. The basis for this piece is Mohammed Al-Maghout's novel "I will betray my homeland".

"Between the chairs" is intended to promote dialogue between Germans and refugees and create more understanding for the situation of the politically persecuted. Not only students from the drama school will appear as actors, but also some refugees who are included in the school lessons.

This theater project is created by SBW Berlin  is supported and subsidized, for which we are very grateful

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